Portland Sights to Inspire Your Next Home Renovation

portland oregon city street shot of brick building

If you have ever been to Portland, you know that it is a uniquely visual-driven city – from sprawling murals to towering curiosities of modern art, there are countless interesting spots to spark a creative mind. Here are a few of our favorite Portland locales perfect for inspiring your next home or landscape renovation:

Powell’s Books

Powell's Books Rare Book Room

Image Courtesy of Powell’s Books

Obviously, the entirety of Portland’s famed Powell’s Books is far too massive and labyrinthian to inspire your home or office, but there is one room in particular that could. Tucked away deep in Powell’s is the Rare Book Room, a hidden gem that is 1,000 square feet of warm lighting, gleaming shelves, and beautiful antique books. The Rare Book Room is the perfect inspiration for your home office or personal library.

Lan Su Chinese Garden

Lan Su Chinese Garden - Image Courtesy of TeaFirst

Image Courtesy of TeaFirst

The Lan Su Chinese Garden is Portland’s most spectacular sight and is arguably the world’s most authentic Chinese garden outside of actual China. It’s millennia-old traditional architecture and design, created by a partnership between Portland and it’s sister city Suzhou, can inspire the most extravagant and exotic landscaping projects.

Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion Interior Courtesy of Local Adenturer on Pinterest

Image Courtesy of Local Adventurer on Pinterest

This massive mansion in Portland includes many different sections to inspire your next in-home renovation – from smooth stone staircases to warm hard-wood studies and libraries built around extravagant fireplaces.

International Rose Test Gardens

International Rose Test Gardens - Image Courtesy of Vine Vera Stores

Image Courtesy of Vine Vera Stores


Portland’s Rose Test Gardens evoke visions of the gorgeous castle gardens typically seen in romantic comedies – gardens where overly-cheesy moments occur or the main character has an epiphany while joyous orchestral music reaches a crescendo. With these gardens as inspiration for your next landscaping project, you’re sure to feel like royalty every time you step outside.

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