How to Maintain Your Outdoor Fireplace

Because of weather and the elements, especially here in the Pacific Northwest, outdoor fireplaces generally require more care and attention than their indoor counterparts. Maintaining your outdoor fireplace might seem like an intimidating chore, but it can actually be pretty simple, regardless of material.

Caring for Brick and Stone

We decided to start this list off with the easiest material. Brick and stone fireplaces are sturdy, strong-looking, and, if we’re being completely honest, require practically no care at all. The only thing you really need to do for these fireplaces is scrub them with a brush every so often to get rid of ash and other forms of debris.

Cleaning and Protecting Copper

Copper is a great build material because it is naturally resistant to the elements. It won’t rust, but it might lose its shine after a while without proper protection. Cover your copper fireplace when it’s not in use, if possible, and simply use a mild detergent and scrub with a nylon brush to clean it as needed.

Maintaining Cast Iron

Cast iron outdoor fireplaces are sights to behold, but, unlike copper fireplaces, are susceptible to rust. To prevent rust, you can apply a rust-resistant primer or paint that can withstand high heat. For the most success, use a large brush to apply the primer or paint.

If you have never used a rust-resistant primer or paint and now your cast iron fireplace is beginning to show signs of buildup, the simplest way to remove it is to use a bead or sand blaster. If you’re one of the many people who doesn’t own a bead or sand blaster, you can either rent one or scrub the rust away with steel wool. Scrubbing with steel wool will take more time and more effort, but will be more cost-effective.

To learn more about these and all outdoor fireplace materials, contact Fireside Home Solutions today!

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