Holiday Mantel Decor that We Love

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Forget the Elf on the Shelf – although no disrespect to your Elf, I’m sure he’s a standup guy. I’ve just had bad experiences in the past with holiday-related espionage, and Santa doesn’t really need to know about all the things that happen in front the Washington household’s mantel.

But I digress.

The holidays are the greatest time of the year for mantel decor, and we’re excited to share our favorite odds and ends of the season. So bundle up under your warmest winter blanket and read on!


Timeless, classic, and pretty to look at especially if you have lights strung along your mantel, as well. Snowglobes also make wonderful collectibles, so your mantels can have a little bit of every past holiday season on them with each new year. Here’s to remember the good times while making even better times!

Advent Calendar

There are countless ways to personalize the Advent calendar experience and make it something everyone can look forward to every day. One new way that I am excited to try this year is called an Advent Mantel: you hang pouches along garland and you put people’s names into the pouches, and then that person decides what holiday festivities you’ll do that day. This can be anything from carols to baking, to a movie marathon, to whatever else your heart desires!

Plush Sitting Elf

I know I said “No” to the Elf on the Shelf, but I just found this Plush Sitting Elf and I’m actually really excited about it. He has a big beard (so no excessively rosy cheeks) and a tall hat that covers his eyes (so he’s not going to be spying on you). He’s a chill, chubby elf that’s cool to hang out with you regardless of what you’re doing in front of the fireplace.

Personalized Stockings

While not extravagant or particularly showy, there’s a unique magic to stockings that you and your loved ones made together. Long ago, my mother and her sisters sewed and decorated stockings for our entire extended family, and we’ve been using them ever since. Are a few a little bit lopsided? Yes. But the thing that matters the most is the love that went into their making – and love is what the holidays are all about.


Rustic, rugged, and rarely used, old lanterns make excellent candleholders around the holiday season, especially amidst pine garland and atop country-themed or warm-colored mantels. Use real candles for the most authentic look.

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